The word 'Fantasy' conjures up so many thoughts and emotions -

It can be used under so many circumstances - a fantasy vacation - a fantasy dream home - Fantasy Island (well we can skip that one).

Under most circumstances there is no such thing as fantasy - it lives in the human mind - and if there - is fleeting at best.

Fantasy in the world of photography, sculpture and painting can last for centuries and on to milleniums - but only photography can capture a moment in less than a second and freeze it for all eternity.

Some are real events and some are created through lighting effects - mixing different time periods with others - creating scenes and characters that do not - well in most cases - exist in real life.

This category along with our 'Abstract' category will most likely evolve at a greater pace and offer more images than our others will - please let us know what you would like to see if we currently are not displaying it ....let's escape into another world and enjoy the journey ......