About Us

Photo of Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane holding a camera

Deerfield Photographic Art was conceived in late 2022 and opened on May 1, 2023.

Our primary goal is to provide it's valued clients with a piece of photographic art that was created following steps of production and finishing that are very rare on any internet based storefront.

A scenario where the creator of the image is an integral part of the matting and framing process. Our clients do not have to go through those steps on their own.

*** The corner image of the frame displayed in each category is what we will be using on all of the photographs that are currently for sale. This decison was made by a concensus of the photographic artists. We will be issuing the availabily of different textured and colored frames in the future. Just as many other businesses are experiencing - there are back order delays. This frame is built on a stong wood base and covered with a coated textured fabric material. All components of your art are made in the USA ***

+++ There are 3 different types of real glass / plexiglass that we will be using - once again the artist will make that decision to create the best viewing quality of the image +++