Our Work

We are here to create a product and offer a service that matches the needs and desires of a client to acquire for themselves or gift something of quality and uniqueness.

We display the completed finished work of art - inclusive of the images - the matting and the frames.

If you desire something that we do not have on display - please feel free to ask if we can create it for you.

We have no desire to be conventional - we want to be edgy in some areas - fun in others - and more formal when providing historical items. We are very proud of our Abstract and Fantasy catagories and plan to enlarge them on a regular basis to keep it fresh and give you more options to find something that suits your tastes.

In the future we plan to add a catagory named "Guest Artist". It may be photography or professional photographs of an oil and/or acrylic painting(s) created by artists located in the Deerfield Massachusetts area - reproduced in limited numbers accompanied by a written history of the artist and a thorough description of his or her work.

All of our finished original works will be sold in limited editions. Text close to the image will indicate what number the next piece will be ...

Once again - thank you for stopping in.